Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 200 / 300 Filter System

The range of filters from EvolutionAqua has grown and improved as time has gone by, and their latest filtration offering, the Nexus Eazy, is another improvement to the original Nexus 2000 and 3000 range and offers what Evolution Aqua are calling 'dry hands cleaning'. Read what EA have to say about their new range below:

"The Nexus Eazy is Evolution Aqua's world leading filtration system. Incorporating the industry proven Kaldnes Moving Bed coupled with the exceptional Eazy mechanical filter. Combined they provide outstanding water clarity and quality. It is extremely 'Eazy' and pleasurable to clean. The Nexus Eazy is a cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter creating an effective, high performance filtration system for all sizes of pond. It has and continues to revolutionise the way ponds are filtered. The Nexus combined with the Eazy, means there really is no competition regarding price and what it will achieve."

Nexus Eazy Filters
Specification Eazy 200 Eazy 300
Max Flow Rate 10,000 litres/hr
2,200 UK gallons/hr
13,000 litres/hr
2,859 UK gallons/hr
Kaldness Media 50 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy 100 ltrs bio/45 ltrs Eazy
Max Capacity 150 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy 300 ltrs bio/45 ltrs Eazy
Max Pond size 18,000 litres
4,000 UK gallons
34,000 litres
7,500 UK gallons
Volume of water in filter 112 UK gallons
510 litres
185UK gallons
840 litres

The figures quoted above are the suggested maximum flow rates and pond sizes from Evolution Aqua, please contact us directly to discuss your project to enable s to suggest and recommend the filter we believe, from years of experience, will be right for your pond. Richdon Koi will price match any genuine documented offer given on a Nexus 200 or 300 during 2019 AND offer loyalty points to boot, so if you find a Nexus cheaper than our web site with membership discount then let us know via email, fax or in store and we'll give you £1 towards a new koi for every £10 you spend with us.

Eazy Pod - Perfect for smaller ponds or as a skimmer filter

The Eazy Pod has brought Evolution Aqua nexus filtration within the price bracket of all koi keepers. A smaller version of the Nexus 200 and 300, it was introduced due to increased demand from people wanting excellent filtration for smaller ponds on a smaller budget. The EazyPod is a small filter being only 23 inches tall and wide, but it works equally well pump or gravity fed and is very easy to install, operate and clean due to making use of EvolutionAquas unique dry hands cleaning system.

Specification Eazy Pod
Max Feed Rate 100g per day
Max Flow Rate 10,000 litres/hr
2,200 UK gallons/hr
Kaldness media 30 litres
Max pond size
for ornamental fish
20,000 litres
4,400 UK gallons
Recommended Airpump 70
Max pond size for koi 10,000 litres
2,200 UK gallons

The Nexus EazyPod comes complete with adjustable rubber connectors to suit the max pipe size of 3 inch's. We would suggest the eazy pod as being ideal as a complete filter on a quarantine system, and perfect for a skimmer, either gravity or pump fed, giving mechanical and biological action.

* Please note we will require documented proof of price, and this offer does not include loss leading deals from shows. Further more, there will be no further membership discount or double points offers on price matched orders.